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A Visit to Alabama Chanin: Part IV: The Clothing Re-visited:

At  Alabama Chanin, the White on White Garments were AMAZING.

Call them Bridal, Pure, whatever, but they were absolutely breath-taking studies in texture.  For more details on the business portion of Alabama Chanin, please read my Blog post of 9/22/17.  

Beautiful Beaded Scarf – $1395

 Beaded Scarf1 395

Jewelry Too!


Subtelty at Its Best

This beaded Taupe/Grey Princess Seamed  Dress was another of my favorites.  Pricetag: $5640.  Definitely ‘Pottery Barn’ colors, eh?

Taupe Grey Dress

Factory-Made  Clothing Line

I was not allowed to take photos while we were in the workroom of the factory.  I’m sorry that I forget which year Natalie started the factory-made clothing, but at more reasonable pricing, (Simple T-Shirt:  $96), there is definitely a market for these pieces as well.  Special machinery is utilized that us home sewers are not generally even aware of