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A Great Re-Cycled Denim Vest

I’m so sorry I don’t have this clever gal’s name to share – but when she came to my booth in Puyallup, we were all impressed with her clever vest.   Good design shown:  Darker color along the sides give her a slimmer look, and the longer length in the back is slimming as well.  Seamed wrong sides together, and then clipped every 1/2″ or so allows the denim seam allowances to get shaggy creating the wonderful and lengthening (slimming) vertical lines.

Simple & Clever Jeans Vest

Simple & Clever Jeans Vest

Pocket for the 'sides'

As you can also see in this side view photo, she let the fabric tell her what it needed to fit – see the bust dart?

A HAMMER is a very useful ‘sewing notion’ when sewing jeans as when you hammer the thick edges, that flattens the bulk, breaks the fibers, and lets you stitch them easier.  Still – use a Size 90 Jeans Denim Needle.  (That link won’t work until my NEW website launches April 17!)

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