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Button Craft Thread = Alabama Chanin Thread

UPCs: 9200100, 9208020, ...
Manufacturer #s: S920-0100, S920-8020, ...

Coats Dual Duty Plus Button and Carpet 10wt thread. This is the thread used for "Alabama" "Chanin" hand stitching.


Alabama Studio Style

Manufacturer #: AB98231

"Alabama" Studio Style In "Alabama" Studio Style, Natalie "Chanin", founder and creative director of the acclaimed fashion and lifestyle company "Alabama" "Chanin", takes readers on a compelling journey of creativity, technique, and inspiration.


Alabama Studio Sewing Patterns

Manufacturer #: STC1364

"Alabama" Studio Sewing Patterns for the "Alabama" "Chanin" 'look' of home-sewn, reverse applique and stenciled garments and projects.


Alabama Studio Sewing & Design Book

Manufacturer #: AB99207

"Alabama" Studio Sewing + Design An invaluable reference for any woman who has dreamed of creating her own gorgeous handmade wardrobe


Alabama Stitch Book

Manufacturer #: STC6383

"Alabama" Stitch Book Projects and Stories Celebrating Hand-Sewing, Quilting, and Embroidery for Contemporary Sustainable Style.


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