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Hemming Knits - can be a bit 'challenging'. Below is just a hint of all the info (including video clips from my 3 Disc DVD) that you'll find at my blog post for today, May 2, Click the Button below to read everything I know about hemming knits!  
Knit hems can turn out wavy AND bulky, so you must stabilize the hem allowance, and clip to 'balance the bulk'.  Just think about it: if you press seams one direction, then turn up a hem, that is SIX layers on one side vs TWO layers on the other side of the seam.  NOT Good!  Clip at the fold line and throw the seam allowance the opposite direction to 'balance the bulk'. 
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Mother's Day Special
While my supply of printed booklets lasts, or 
up through Mother's Day, May 14, 
I offer you a FREE T-Shirt Variation Printed Booklet with your purchase of my knit DVD:  
Stretching Your Knit Sewing Know-How
Be sure to click on the Blue Box to the right of 'Free Pattern' to see the list of T-Shirt Variation Booklets from which to select. 
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MORE 'Goodies' 
have been added to my 
FREE GIFT w/ ORDER Collection
As I fill your orders for $30 and more, I tuck in some of my excess Inventory. That means that ON TOP OF significant savings on lots of my show-related inventory, you get EVEN MORE VALUE!  
Check out some of the NEWEST books and (cork) fabric in the INVENTORY CLEARANCE Category HERE. 
YOU can save by snatching up some of the sources I order in for consideration in my curriculum for teaching kids to sew at Londa's Sunroom Sewing Studio. 
My new discovery for BEAUTIFUL, CALMING  music to sew by is pianist Yiruma, thanks to my 12-year-old grandson taking me to him on You-tube.  Last night, we even listened as we went to sleep. Enjoy sewing to his music by clicking HERE
Open the windows, and shop, learn, then SEW to be creative!!! 
167 Whitfield Drive Jackson, TN 38305 |  Phone: 217-369-4687

Passions Taking Over
Girls, Girls and More Girls
There's no NO DOUBT... my heart has been won over - by GIRLS!  
On top of teaching young girls in my classes here at the Sunroom Sewing Studio, at my last sewing 'Expo' (Novi American Sewing Expo)  in September,  God put in front of me the causes/programs for
WHAT is Days for Girls?  
Read all about it at my Blog Post HERE
Creating KITS to manage monthly hygiene needs...
Using our sewing skills and sewing supplies (too often stashed and un-used), Kits are stitched and assembled that change lives.  Each Kit lasts an average of 3 years and a value of $12-$15 plus the loving labor to create them.  Two Shields that snap onto the 2 panties hold trifold double layer flannel Liners (8 included), a washcloth, soap, a gallon freezer quality ziploc bag for storage until laundering, and instructions for use are all discreetly packaged in a colorful drawstring bag along with education.  
 I'm also focused also on involving women in local shelters and rehab centers in this project as I and other local sewists share our love of sewing with them to enrich their lives and skills.  
 I feel like a 
as I fill your orders when I tuck in samples and other goodies that I think you'd enjoy as you create with what you've ordered!  That means that ON TOP OFsignificant savings on lots of my show-related inventory, you get EVEN MORE VALUE!  
The truth is that with this change in my business and life focus, I have valuable creative sewing products that I need to move from MY stash.....to YOURS.  
FREE T Pattern Variation with DVD Purchase...click HERE
FREE Jacket Pattern with DVD Purchase...click HERE 
with any $49 purchase, I'll throw in my 
Creative Sweatshirt Jackets...Londa's Way Book 2 
$22.95 value 
thru March 31, 2017
   the Perfect Easter Gift 
Many variations in color and chain, these crosses provide a sewing-related, fun way to open discussions about the Christian faith.  
I love wearing mine!  Get YOURS while stock remains.  
Place Carpenter's Cross in the Search Tool at my website and all the choices will pop up.  
Never Fear..... I'm still regularly Sewing and Creating and BLOGGING as I design and sew.  Be sure to subscribe to my BLOG, either directly for a stand-alone email each time I post, or through BlogLovin.  I'm blogging several times each and every week!  On my Design table right now are some EASY EASY sweatshirt interpretations and some LONGER Tunic options with my Terrific T pattern.   
In fact, I'm still taking a few presenting engagements in locations here around the south, but the 'show' days are OVER!!!  And, I now know more about Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram than I ever wanted to..but I'm finding the Social Media marketing to be a bit of fun as well. Follow me through the links found below at the very very bottom of this email.  
Have fun SHOPPING and SAVING and I'll have even more fun playing FAIRY GODMOTHER as I tuck in EXTRA free gifts!  
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