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Sunroom Sewing Studio Info  

  • Private/Semi-Private Classes can be scheduled at mutually convenient times

       Private:  $35/hour  Semi-Private:  $25/hour/student     Classes:  $18/hour

                                                     A Sewing Class makes a GREAT GIFT!

  • 24 hour notice is required for any class cancellations to receive a refund.  In the case of illness, I will work with you to reschedule at a mutually convenient time.  

      Find Offerings for Current Classes below.   

To view sample class projects, check out my Facebook Page


  • Age Groupings Facilitate Learning and Fun. While I may designate a class as for a certain age - this is a guideline.  The age can readily be changed for a given time slot if you have 2 to 3 students.  Sewing is even MORE fun with friends!   


     Wee Stitchers:  Age 6-7-8  At this age, generally eye-hand coordination is still developing and experience has shown me that, generally, sewing by hand is most appropriate. Depending on the actual group/age/experience, progressing to the sewing machine is a possibility, not a promise.  Sitting on a pillow and still reaching the foot pedal...a challenge!  


      Young Sewers:  Age 9-10-11  With progressing eye-hand coordination and great care and small class size (max of 4), stitching on the machine is not only possible but fun and exciting.  Projects are kept simple and generally focus on crafty projects rather than garments.  


     Tween & Teen Sewers:  Age 12 +   Art, design, and garment sewing become more important with this age group.  Student preferences are taken into consideration as a class for project selection, with some options sent well before a class begins for your child’s input.  Majority rules with Ms Londa’s final approval.  


      Students older than the Age Group designated for a class MAY enroll.  Please email me with your child's age. 

      Students younger than the Age Group designated for a class MAY ONLY ENROLL with my approval - which is based on prior sewing experience with me at the Sunroom Studio


Create A Class:  Any group of 3 = a class.  Find some friends (ANY age!) and contact me to find a time that works. 

  • Not sure?  Give it a try, meet me (Ms Londa) and see my Studio.  The Sewing Sampler Class is a 2 hour
    'Try-It' Class perfect for Adult + Child. See the Sewing Sampler Class HERE .       

Paid registration is needed at least 7 days before a class starts in order to plan on holding a class. 
Class Minimum (to 'go') is 2 students, Maximum is generally 4 students.  




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