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Close-Out Department 



With your order for at least $20 (subtotal) of items from the 

CLOSE-OUTS Department 




I'll stick in a FREE GIFT of YOUR CHOICE of either my 

Creative Jacket Journey DVD 


Creative Sweatshirt Jackets...Londa's Way Book 2.    


In the COMMENTS Section of the Order Form, just make a note to me of which item you'd prefer - the Sweatshirt Jacket Book OR the DVD 

If you don't define your choice, I'll choose for you.   

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140 ITEMS in 

Close-Out Department 

There's 'SEW' Many Good Things waiting for you in the Close-Out's...


* My own Patterns, Books, DVD on Sweatshirt Jackets and Knit Tops

* Vintage Patterns from Stretch n' Sew, Vogue and More

* Machine Feet, Accessories

* Sewing-Related Gifts

* Threads - including heavy thread as used in 'Alabama Chanin Reverse Applique

* Schmetz Needles

* Sweatshirt Jacket Sample Garments - for less than the price of the sweatshirt I started with! 

* Beads, Couching Threads

* Books - many valuable 'vintage' sewing books 


What's Been Keeping YOU Busy?  

Check out the many blessings filling my days below.  



PLUS... a Baby BOY

(yes, in same family)

is due Feb. 22, so I have a shower blanket and a quilt to get busy on - like YeSTERDAY! 




AND, I've been VERY involved with forming and running a local group of Patriots concerned with educating and working to save our Constitutional Republic! 

If YOU are concerned about the direction of our country, I highly recommend checking out these sources:

CONVENTION OF STATES - the only solution as big as the problem as provided in               Article 5 of the Constitution


PATRIOT ACADEMY CONSTITUTION CLASSES - FREE and either online or in person.  I've offered 3 of these classes in my home, and am helping with one at a church - with many more to come, I pray.  


Much as I'd like to retreat to my Studio (on the few spans of time I don't have students), I feel compelled to do what I can to save the country I've been blessed to live in for my grandkids.  How about you?  Give me a call or email if you would like any more info.  


But NOW - I AM going to go get sewing on those gifts for that

new Grandson on the way!  


Have fun Shopping and don't forget to put in the COMMENTS your choice of your FREE Gift.  Remember, gift is with a $20 purchase from the CLOSE-OUT Department.  


Close-Out Department


Sent with SEWING HUGS,

and gratitude for all my sewing friends,  


167 Whitfield Drive Jackson, TN


  Londa's Creative Sewing 


I Pray for You... 

a Very BlessedChristmas 



For all the years I can recall, Gift-Giving has been so much more special because I have been blessed with the skill of being able to MAKE gifts.  I'm sure that is the same for many of you as well.  There is no greater joy than giving a gift you've made - and mine is multiplied as I helped my sewing students create gifts to give.  

 May I share?   Below you can see what fun I had this year creating gifts.  I did purchase the leotards, but trimmed them up with embroidered flower trim.  Knowing necklines have to STRETCH to get them on, I clipped the trim into sections of 3 flowers and zigzagged them on using monofilament thread in the needle.  The ruffle fabric just had to come home with me from JoAnn Fabrics at 40% off one day.  With waist to floor and waist measurements handy, I cut the fabric and satin lining as needed to make each skirt the right size and yet a bit different, though the 'same'.  These gals are moving targets, so I only got the one quick pic of the polar fleece Mermaid Tail I made for each of them.  By attaching the Tail to only the backside of the Body, they are 'walkable'.  Since the polar fleece is so thick, I changed the top band into one layer thick, added 1" elastic in a casing and used up scraps of fleece from my 'stash'.  There are oodles of 'mermaid patterns' out there, but the one I started with is at this link:













My 'Gift' for Ya'll this season is..... 
















You must input the Coupon Code:  21to22 in order to have the 20% additional discount applied to products in the

Close-OUTS Department on your order.  

The 20% is IN ADDITION to the already

extremely low pricing.  


To allow us time for our own Christmas celebrations, I'll begin to fulfill orders starting New Year's Eve.  

Shop Close-Outs HERE


I know for many of you the last couple years have not been easy ones.  When things seem out of my control, I take respite in my wonderful hobby of sewing where I AM in control. 

My prayer for you is that you claim God's peace and know the truth that God IS in control.  Believe in the miracle of Christmas, claim those truths that Jesus came to share and do not live in fear.   



167 Whitfield Drive Jackson, TN


Londa's Creative  Sewing

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