Close-Out Sale 


I'm SEW sorry for not sending out a newsletter for S-E-W long! Between my sewing students, patriotic involvement (check out www.conventionofstates.com), and continued therapy for my broken shoulder, my hubby says I'm WAY too busy.  


Hubby ALSO says to clear out some inventory before year-end inventory, so I just sat out in the Studio to update and add to the Close-Out Department.  Notions, tools, patterns, DVDs, vintage patterns, even sewing-related GIFTS combine to create some VERY FUN shopping (AND SAVINGS!)  for you!         


Since this Sale started for Site Members on Sunday evening, I decided to sort through some boxes of stuff I moved here to TN with 5 years ago

but haven't utilized...adding them to Close-Outs.   

Sew... Site Members:  You might want to take another peek since I added Books, Beads, Embellishments, Machine Parts and more,- just good Sewing Stuff! 

Click HERE to Shop!


It's also time to do some Blogging - so be sure you are subscribed to my BLOG!  I have an 'OLD BLOG' (Wordpress hosted where you subscribe) and copy it all over to my 'NEW BLOG' found HERE at my website.  I'm VERY happy pants are wider in the leg again and up at my REAL waistline!  For a super-flat finish with facing and side zipper, check out this (very) old post I've re-published at my NEW BLOG.  


I can't wait to get started on Christmas Gift Sewing!  With 3 granddaughters age 5 and under, DRESS-UPS are the fun awaiting me!

Watch my BLOG for updates on that sewing adventure.    


Sent with SEWING HUGS,

and gratitude for all my sewing friends,  


167 Whitfield Drive Jackson, TN