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Kid's Classes
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Weekly Classes:  2 or more 'students' = a class!  Charge is $24 for a 2 hour class, plus supplies.  These class sessions are generally offered in 4 week sessions, as I find that any longer of a time committment will undoubtedly have conflicts.  My class limit is 4 students - occasionally I can take 5 students, but generally stick with four as I find this allows me to give the personal attention needed to each student.  I supply EVERYTHING in my studio regarding equipment, including machines, sergers, etc...  Therefore, you only need to bring YOU, or drop off your CHILD and any supplies that I have designated. 

You can bring and use your own machine, but a mandatory $20 private class BEFORE the first session is required so that I can be SURE the machine is in good working order, and that your child knows how to use it.  I can’t take time from other students to figure out a ‘new-to-me’ machine.  
Please call Londa at 217-369-4687 to schedule this class. 


                                          Minimum registration for a class to be held is 2 students.  ABSOLUTE Maximum is 5 students.  Paid registration is needed at least 3 days before a class begins, or you may find that class cancelled.  I run classes according to the schedule posted here at the website, but I ALSO can create a class for you if you have the minimum 2 people.  I ALSO do Birthday Parties!!!  $15/ guest - but depending on project, there may be an additional supply fee.  

Classes are for those registered only.  Moms - unless it is a 'Mom & Me' Class, you may stay in my adjoining family room (with access to our WIFI), and peek through the windows occasionally, but my rule is no Moms in the classroom as I find that changes class dynamics.  :) 

Class Registration is NOT refundable

Mom + Me Making Memories is a class for Mom & Child to give sewing a 'try' before registering child for a Session.   Click HERE to learn about it and register.  


VACATION Workshops are scheduled during school vacations. Projects are more whimsical, fun, crafty, and often ‘gift’ oriented.  Beginners are welcome unless otherwise noted in a class description. 

Summer Sewing Camps are week long and 3 hours per day.  

Parties - 
Consider a ‘Sewing’ Birthday Party. Parties for Ladies too…. 



IDEAL:  a ‘Big Girls’ Open Sewing Workshop held at various times.  Let me know if the format as described below works for you and some friends.  

$15/hour for 'help' from Londa as needed.   Private and Semi-Private (2 students) sessions are recommended for Londa’s complete personal attention from Londa.  If 3 or fewer attend, Londa gets to sew herself also - so please understand that these workshops @ $15/hour are NOT totally private class attention, should you be the only one to register! 
You register and pay for 1 hour, then I collect the remainder for the time you are here (billed to quarter hour) at the time of the class.  

                                                                             School-Wide Policies                                                                                  

Limited Seats/Machines are limited and therefore reserved according to order in which FULL payment is received via my website.

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Registration fees are non-refundable for cancellations or non-attendance. 
Make-up Sessions are charged additionally and scheduled at our mutual convenience.  
For multi-session classes not yet begun, fees may be transferred to another class based on Londa’s approval. 

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