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Supply List 

March 2019 Beginning Sewing

McCall's patterns are on SALE for $1.99 at JoAnn's Feb. 27-March 2. 

2/27 I purchased 1 of each of these patterns, so if you go and cannot find what you want, give  me a call and you may purchase mine.  

Sewing Equipment is provided at the Sunroom Sewing Studio.  You are welcome to use my machines and baskets of sewing 'notions' at each sewing station.  Of course, if you want to bring your own machine, you are welcome to do so.   


Absolute Beginner?  

I recommend you select the Apron/Kitchen Accessories as shown at left -

McCall's 6978.



  • McCall's 6978

  • Woven Cotton Fabric as designated on the pattern back cover.  Greek to you?  Give Londa a call at 217-369-4687 and either at our computers, or with pattern in hand, I can help you know exactly how much yardage and what type of fabric to look for.  You'll be sewing with easy-to-sew 'cotton quilting' fabric.  This is 100% woven fabric (it does NOT stretch) as you find in the local quilt shops, or at JoAnn's up along the wall to the left.  

  • Guterman 100% sewing thread - NOT shiny embroidery thread!  Get 2 of the 'regular' spools, or 1 of the jumbo spools.  

Sewn a little before?  Ready for MORE?  Wanna sew CLOTHING?

I have carefully selected the shirt you see in the image - McCall's 6750.  This is just like a shirt I've purchased at Chico's!  Learn all about darts, setting in sleeves, buttonholes, fitting, and OH sew much! Want it longer?  Of course you can do that!!!  This top would also make a great jacket - just left unbuttoned! about a 'Big White Shirt'?  Please call me at 217-369-4687 well ahead of class with a 'back' or 'side seam' preferred length, your 'high bust' (up under your armpits and around your body), and your full bust measurements available, and with pattern in hand, or access to, together we can decide how much fabric you need to purchase.  


  • McCall's 6750 in your size. (We'll decide that together when we chat before your shopping trip!) 

  • Woven cotton, linen, or blend fabric as we determine when we chat. Woven, NOT stretchy fabric, and not slippery, silky. Cotton quilting fabrics as found in a quilt shop will have a nicer 'hand' than those from a chain store.  More expensive, but for a garment - likely a consideration.  

  • 5 buttons (odd numbers are better!) 

  • Gutermann 100% polyester sewing thread - NOT shiny embroidery thread!  Get 2 of the 'regular' spools, or 1 of the jumbo spools. 

  •  The pattern will also call for interfacing, but you will purchase that from me here at my studio so I'm sure you use the right and best kind!   

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