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About Londa

It's simple .... I just love to SEW creatively,
and to share how I do so with others!

A little about me...

With my Home Economics degree from the University of Illinois, I spent some time in interior design, managing a craft store, and 'on the side' I offered custom dressmaking and sold fabrics as a rep for Leiter's Designer Fabrics and House of Laird.  After attending a Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion - Business, and falling in love with heirloom sewing, I launched my own line of patterns for women within the heirloom industry.  That led to opening my retail store from 1990 to 2003.  Seeking a 'normal' life, I closed the retail storefront and went totally E-commerce with my website.  I had started to play with designing jackets on a sweatshirt base and then at the suggestion of a dear customer, I did my first Sewing Expo in TX and sold 100 sweatshirts in July at which time my hubby said, "Dear, I think you're onto something here!"   Due to a family medical issue and just 'time to slow down', I am taking only a few engagements each year to teach at guilds and shops as my emphasis is on teaching ages 6 and older the joys of sewing in my home Sunroom Sewing Studio, and leading a local Days for Girls Team.   

As of Spring, 2018 my focus is on designing and executing CREATIVE clothing - especially on KNITS. I create patterns and techniques that I sell on my website and teach on my social media channels - especially You-Tube.   I also offer Creative Sewing Retreats for 1-4 people at my own Sunroom Sewing Studio in Jackson, TN (west TN).  

My newest passion is 'Memento' clothing - up-cycling garments and textiles (ties, laces, etc.) of the past (especially family) into unique wearables.  

My patterns are based on a unique concept…They talk to you! Step-by-step photos are included with each Talking Pattern™, accompanied by helpful audio commentary describing the technique in each photo at the associated website created for each pattern. If you can READ it, SEE it, and HEAR CAN sew it!

What I love most about this business is teaching and sharing the designs and the techniques I've developed - to ALL ages! I strive to offer innovative sewing products, with friendly, personal service.   My customers are my friends - and I LOVE to chat with each person who contacts me!!  I encourage you to give me a call with any questions regarding my products or the sewing techniques. You can reach me at 217-369-4687 (CST) or email me at:

Now, have fun shopping. Then go enjoy life…in your sewing room, of course!


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