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2 Disc DVD.
This valuable DVD set is normally $32.95, but I've reduced the price to just $25.00 
The DVD set teaches you TWO jackets:  design, fit, construction, embellishment and much, much more!
AND - the PRINTED  Version 
of any of your choice of one of my JACKET patterns ($15) is absolutely FREE. 
          Total $47.95 value for just $25
OFFER VALID through Valentine's Day - my GIFT to you! 
Here is HOW to ORDER
Below is what you'll see when you click on THIS LINK to order. on the little arrows to the right of the 'Genesis Plus-$25  and you can select whichever of these patterns you want - FREE!  Your charge will be just $25 for BOTH the DVD set AND the printed pattern!  
More Information
Below is a GUIDE to help you select the
BEST FREE pattern for YOU
1 of the 2 jackets made in the DVD. 
The BASIC - a cardigan style that uses the lower ribbing of a sweatshirt as the neckline finish. Includes lengthening the available sweatshirt length either at the YOKE or the HEMLINE! Make from ANY knit fabric! 
1 of the 2 jackets made in the DVD.  Honestly, you could create this jacket WITHOUT the pattern, but the pattern will be useful especially if you want the set-in sleeve version. 
Actually 3 styles are included - each a more tailored look.  People can never believe it is a sweatshirt when I wear one of these jackets!!!!! 
TWO jacket styles are included AND the pink jacket shown is lengthened by adding at the yoke, then covering with fabric.  
The 'Swirl Front' (green or black) jackets feature 3 really spectacular buttons.  
This style features lovely face-framing collars.  The pink jacket's collar is very very similar to the lovely collar on Mrs. Trump's Inaugural light blue suit! 
Personally, I think this is the EASIEST style. Utilize a long scarf OR a square scarf to adorn the jacket/neckline!!!  
Festive, fancy and FUN! The back insert helps accommodate large figures easily and adds special flare!
In addition to the written directions and pictures in the printed booklet, you can also go to the URL given in the pattern to SEE more pics and HEAR me talk you through each step! 
Click HERE to see how it works. 
Read this Testimonial from Pam in WA. "Wow.  It boggles my mind how much time and effort you put into those marvelous step-by-step 'talking pattern'' commentaries.  It's such an original concept - blows all other patterns out of the water. I realize your patterns are a fantastic value.  It's as good as having you standing right next to me, anticipating my questions and helping me design the garment.  Thanks!" 
I welcome your reviews of my products, website and service to help others 'find me' at this lively and valuable sewing community.  

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