Gallery: FREE Shoulder Alteration for Jackets

This quick 'Talking Tutorial' will show you the EASY EASY way to narrow the shoulder on any pattern.
I (Londa) have found that this alteration is needed by many on my pattern for the Creative Sweatshirt Jackets if you do NOT want to use a shoulder pad - or just have narrower shoulders.

On the pattern pieces for Front, Back that are included in my jacket Talking Patterns and Books, you may want to do this UNLESS your pattern says (3rd Version) and is printed in navy ink. Because, on that version, I had my pattern grader reduce the shoulder length. 

Shoulder Narrowing Technique from Jan Minott
Line A is parallel to the center front and back, 2" in from the shoulder at the armhole.
Line B is perpendicular to center front and back, but above any armhole notches. 5.5" down the center back is about right.

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